Reading Hall Of Fame


The Reading Hall of Fame is a voluntary program designed to encourage kids to read! To participate, students must read 400 minutes per month. For each month your student turns in their completed minutes, they will get a free book and be entered into a raffle drawing for popcorn for that month!

Tracking and Logging Reading Minutes

There are two ways your child can track and log their minutes each month:

1.) Minute Sheet Forms:

Each month, the Reading Hall of Fame Committee creates a "minute sheet" which is available here on the website and on the Reading Hall of Fame bulletin board (located across from the school library).   After your child has read 400 minutes in the month, they will fill out the form and turn it into the envelope located on the Reading Hall of Fame bulletin board.

In support of the schools paperless efforts we will not be sending home hard copies of the minute sheets after October (first month of program) except to the Kindergarten students. Grades 1-5 will print their minute sheets from home (see below for forms by month). For those of you who are unable to print out a minute sheet from home there will be additional sheets available each month in a folder on the Reading Hall of Fame bulletin board.

2.)  Log Reading Minutes Online:

There is also an online reading log on the PTSA website.  This reading log will allow students to track the minutes they read online.  If your child uses this method, they do not have to turn in a monthly minute sheet.  The minutes are logged and recorded in our system and will be counted by the Reading Hall of Fame Committee in the month recorded and approved.  Students can start recording the minutes they are reading each day or week by clicking on the "Student Entry" button below or by clicking on the "Log Your Reading Minutes Online" button located on the home page of the website. 

Parents will receive an email each time their child records the minutes they have read in the reading log so that they may be approved.  Parents can approve their child's minutes by clicking on the link provided in that email or by clicking on the "Log Your Reading Minutes Online" button located on the home page of the website or below on our website.  It is important for parents to approve the minutes that have been logged by their child before the last day of the month so that they may be counted for that month. 

Please note: It is important that you update your child's teacher and grade information to the current school year in order to use the Online Reading Log.



Rewards and Recognition for Students

  • To increase overall monthly participation, we are planning a friendly class competition. Each month the class with the highest participation will win a prize for the whole class. Please remind your child to read each day and log the minutes they are reading by the due date so that they may help their class win!
  • Each month a student turns in their minute sheet or logs their minutes online they will be entered into a raffle drawing for the current month for a chance to win an individual prize. There will only be one winner per grade each month.
  • At the end of the year there will be a grand prize drawing for all students that have participated for the whole 8 months of the Reading Hall of Fame (October - June). The drawing will be for one winner, all grades included.

Keep them reading and help your child go places!

We hope that you will encourage your child to be part of the FCES Reading Team this year! We will do our best to recognize your child’s achievement and reward their efforts in a meaningful way!


Contact the Reading Hall of Fame Committee Chair: Anne Gabryjelski.